Career Option in Video Jockey Industry, Eligibility, Courses, Colleges

Shiza Sana
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5/16/2019 3:26:39 PM


Career Option in Video Jockey Industry, Eligibility, Courses, Colleges


Video Jockey or VJ is becoming a fast-growing career choice in recent times. A VJ is programme presenter on a television show, usually a music show. A VJ plays music videos, hosts the show, present latest news about celebrities, host various show segments that involve audience participation, etc.

Video Jockeying is not only related to music channels it spread out its branches on various other shows; game shows, entertainment programmes, sports programmes, travel shows, etc.

Their job includes hosting public events electronic as well as social media events; celebrity interviews, public interaction shows, etc.

A new and recent domain of their job includes behind the scenes task as well like writing as a script, deciding the theme for the programme, choosing songs, they can also be a part of the PR team and help in the promotion of a show or an event.

Aspirants can start from a part-time job and gradually moving to a full-time career.



Video Jockeying is a talent based field, there is no requirement of a specific qualification. Though no specific qualification is required but knowledge of music, information about latest movie trends, political and travel trends comes in handy.

 But what is mainly required from someone wanting to be a VJ is:

  • A VJ should be energetic, must have excellent communication skills, good voice modulation.
  • Apart from presenting the show, they must be able to write a script, helping is deciding the theme and interacting with the show audience.
  • Interaction with the audience will be considered good if the VJ has a good command over the language if he/she could share some interesting facts about the various celebrities.
  • Apart from being warm, lively, friendly, spontaneous, a VJ should have a distinct individual personality, a style of communication which will make them stand apart in the crowd.



After completing the school aspiring candidates can join various degree/diploma programmes or short term courses run by former VJ’s in various cities.

After completing the basic course on can apply to join a channel and tread on their career path.



  • B.A in Journalism
  • PG Diploma in Journalism/ Mass Communication
  • B.S communication
  • PG Programme in Communication
  • Diploma in Media Communication
  • Diploma in Fundamental and Audio visual Education
  • MA Mass Communication
  • Course in TV Reporting, Presentation and Production
  • MA Mass communication and Journalism



Whenever we think of VJ’s we think about various entertainment channels like MTV, VH1, Channel V, etc. yes these channels are famous and forever evolving but getting into them is tough. The selection process for getting a big break is tough but worthwhile so hang in there.

The aspirants have to go through the different test; paper-pen test, voice modulation, camera facing, screen presence testing, physique and voice capabilities are looked for apart from your individual talent and abilities which you can offer.

As it is a part of the entertainment and showbiz industry one must be able to incorporate new techniques different nuances to their performance to be relevant in the long run.

It is a fat growing field with other linked job prospects like, Anchoring, Music video direction/choreography, PR, Theatre, Films etc.





Starting salary for a VJ can range from INR 20,000-30,000 and moving upscale gradually with time.