Careers in Agriculture

Shiza Sana
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4/5/2019 3:15:11 PM


Careers in Agriculture

Agriculture industry is no longer related to only farming. It includes various multifarious activities like planning, development of new techniques and equipment’s. Industry is not only dependent on manual labour but also includes advanced scientific and technological work. Agriculture industry has embraced many other jobs under their hood such as, developing farming methods, technological advancements for better agricultural processes and other related industries.

India is the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of agriculture production. In 2018, Agriculture employment rose to 50% of the Indian work force and contributed 17-18% to country’s GDP.

Agriculture industry is also related to environmental concerns and works towards sustainable development to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

If you are someone interested in this growing industry. Following is a list of career options you could choose from:



Food scientists are concerned with checking the quality of food, study of food and its distribution. Food technologist’s deals with processing and preserving the food, they help in developing nutritious, healthy and convenient food products. In todays time when people are now more concerned with their health and opting for healthier food options food technologists and scientist devise ways to produce good food products. They also deal in packaging and distribution of the products. They must provide the correct label information, research ways to keep the packaged food fresh, test quality of the goods and ensure that the food products are safe to be consumed by the people.



The key role of an agricultural engineer is to improve efficiency and sustainability of agricultural practices. They perform tasks such as planning, supervising and managing the building of efficient programmes like dairy schemes, water control systems, irrigation, flood control and drainage systems. Agriculture engineers are also related to making environmental impact assessment reports, product processing and interpreting the research analysis.



They are responsible for managing animal health related issues to minimise the risks and ensure safety for food products which we get from animals. Veterinarians focus mainly on animal well-being and monitor for any active or passive diseases and provide for its control and prevention by prescribing medical and surgical treatments.



An agriculture inspector ensures that the whole agricultural set up is in accordance with the government rules and regulations. They examine all agricultural equipment’s, processes and food production systems to ensure safety in regards to human consumption. They are often in charge of issuing grades.



Agriculture food scientist is a specialized filed of work that deals with analysis in farming methods and food production techniques. This research is done to increase yield, ensure safety and other factors to mke the whole agricultural process secure and profitable. Agricultural food scientists also devise ways to mprove the quality of food supply.



An agronomist is an expert in the science of soil management and crop production. Agronomy as a field of science specialises in technology of producing and using plans for food, fuel, fibre, fabrics sustenance and land recovery. This field encompasses others areas such as plant genetics, soil science and plant physiology.



Horticulturist are experts related to cultivation of plants, flowers, fruits, non-food crops to maximise their growth. But that’s not all their area of work is quite wide, they also work as an advisor to the farmers about the improved, chemical free methods for farming, pest control, fertilizer use etc.



It is one of the main factors of agricultural procedure. The large scale produced goods and food materials need to be delivered to various places nationally and internationally. Apart from the non-perishable goods there are various perishable goods like meat, fish, fruits etc. that needs to be delivered on time. It is the duty of the people working in the transportation sector to ensure In time delivery of goods.