How To Make Careers In Mass Media & Journalism

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5/16/2019 5:19:35 PM


How To Make Careers In Mass Media & Journalism


Mass media and journalism, these are the terms we all are a part of directly or indirectly. This industry’s main motive is to present the masses with latest news, current affairs, entertainment, films, shows etc. They are connected directly to the people. The newspapers, magazines, journals we read, the shows, films, radio shoes, concerts, news we see and hear are possible because of this industry.

Mass media and journalism go hand in hand and are connected to each. Their functions include planning, collecting, analysing, researching and presenting the data to the people through various means of media and communication both print media and electronic media.

They keep people updated about all the latest happenings in and around the world. Mass media and journalism help in connecting people throughout the world.

With the development and advancement of social media this industry has grown many folds as it helps in connecting and managing the networks more efficiently and gives various other platforms to express and display the events.

This industry has something to offer to every individual. Here is a list of career options for you to choose from if you are interested in being a part of this expanding multifarious industry.



  • Department of Communication, Hyderabad
  • Amity School of Communications, Noida




  • BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass communication)
  • BJ ( Bachelor of Journalism)
  • BMC (Bachelor of Mass Communication)


10+2 in any stream with 50%-60% marks from a recognised board.



  • MJMC (Master of Journalism and Mass Communication)
  • MMC (Master of Mass communication)
  • MJ ( Master of Journalism)
  • PG Diploma in Mass Communication


Graduation in any field with 50%-60% marks from a recognised university.




Advertising is done to  promote the given product to large number of potential customers. It can be done visual or audio forms like television, radio, social media, banners etc. Advertisers plan, strategies and carry out a campaign promoting the product to increase the sales of the product.



Print media is a traditional form of media which consists of newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures etc. It is a much economical way to reach a large number of audience. They carry not only advertisements but news, current affairs, promotions, Information etc.



As the name suggests film making is an art of creating a film, creating because it involves not one but various levels and different professions working together. A film needs a script, a director, a producer, cinematographer, screen writer, actors and all other people who make the job possible.



Public relations deals with creating a relation between the client or an organisation and public. A PRO or a public relation officer maintains a positive image of the client, a product, person or destination etc. In front of the people through deliberate, planned communication strategy and generate positive public outlook towards the product.



RADIO JOCKEY- as a Radio jockey you need to be spontaneous, friendly, lively and pleasing. We have all heard songs on the radio there are different FM channels and those very channels heir are various music programmes and segments that are conducted by people called the RJ’s. They are concerned with informing, updating and entertaining the masses though electronic media device.

VIDEO JOCKEY- A video jockey is a host who presents a show on a television programme. They are not just the host they interact with public, interview celebrities basically hold up a show together.



Video editing is a process of creating a an audio visual product through editing, cropping , rearranging and modifying a given video to make it look more enriched and appealing for public.

They are one of the most important parts of any production service like films, television, music videos etc. A video editor combines different videos into one, makes necessary changes, adds music etc.



It is a freelancing profession no fixed criteria of education is required for this job. You need to be a good story teller with a very colourful and powerful imagine and a zeal to write. Script writers write scripts/stories for films, TV shows and also video games.

The professional screen writers are backed by a talent agency but amateur writers work freelance and are hired by any agency.



TV anchors or news analysts are professionals who inform the public about latest happening, news, current affairs and everything people need to know happening around them nationally, locally or internationally. They are also called news analysts.

Your job entails researching and analysing relevant news topics, write and produce segments which can be taped or broadcasted live. You can work on different area of your choice like politics, sports, weather, entertainment etc.



Sound engineers work on mixing, reproducing and manipulating sound effects. They also produce, design and control sound in some cases. Sound engineers, record, edit and mix sounds through various microphones, setting levels of sound etc.

Types of sound engineers:

MONITOR SOUND ENGINEER- Controls the sounds that an artist hears on stage.

SYSTEMS SOUND ENGINEER- They are concerned with music systems and their set up, speakers, amps, PA systems etc.

STUDIO SOUND ENGINEERS- They work in a studio and help in making high quality music through speech and sound effects.

GAME AUDIO SOUND ENGINEERS- they are responsible for the background sounds we often hear during a video game.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT AUDIO ENGINEERS-They work towards developing and inventing new sound technologies, equipment’s and techniques.



To keep a journal is to maintain a daily record to collect and write about daily events on any topic. Photo journalism is same but you maintain records not by writing but through photos.  It implies telling a story through a number of photos mainly still photographs, put together in a series to tell about a current news event.

As a photographer-journalist you have a moral ethical ground to consider while working on a project. What to shoot, how to shoot, how to edit, what needs to be shown to the audience etc.



It is a profession that involves collecting, verifying, analysing, developing a presentation of the current events, trends which are important for the people to inform, educate and enlighten them.

Journalistic media includes print media, television, radio, internet etc.


Journalism in print media includes careers such as: Reporter-

To report an incident, news to a newspaper, magazine, radio or TV channel with clarity and accuracy.

Feature writer- As a feature writer your job is to write in depth articles/ stories on various topics.

Proof reader- To evaluate and correct the written articles for any corrections of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Columnist- As a columnist you would be concerned with writing a particular segment in a newspaper or magazine on a relevant and current topic.

Cartoonist- Presenting a story in a humorous and animated way is a talent few people possess. If you can present a story through a number of cartoons to raise awareness and present the situation to people this job is for you.


Careers in journalism in Electronic media:

Researchers- As the name suggests who would be required to look for the news. As a researcher you are required to collect, analyse a news, do in depth study and bring out the relevant points that needs to be presented to the people.

News presenters- We have seen people on news channels who talk and present a news segment related to a recent event or an incident. To a news presenter you need good communication skills with a commands on the language, knowledge about latest happenings, and will power to strive in difficult situations.