What are the Technical Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist?

Meghashree Das
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5/6/2019 1:06:25 PM


What are the Technical Skills Required to Become a Data Scientist?

Who is a data scientist?

You might have heard about this role for a very long time now but the work and role of a data scientist depends on the various industry and their sectors. They are responsible for discovering the insights of the massive and the huge amounts of both the structured and the unstructured data which is there to help or shape the specific needs and goals of different business and organisations. In the modern industry, the work of a data scientist is increasing in instance and more and more business are requiring them so that they can move towards the profit and understand their goal in the best of way.


What the technical skills you require to become a data scientist?

Here are the list of technical skills which are required for you to become a data scientist.


  1. High education

The most important of all the technical skills to attain is to get a higher degree of education to become a data scientist. If you have a master’s degree and have a PhD alongside with it, then you have a higher chance of becoming a data scientist in a reputed company.


  1. R Programming

In depth knowledge in this field is required to become a data scientist. This is one of the analytical tool which you need to become one. The R are used in different problems and to solve their answers. If you encounter the same type of problems in your field then R Programming will help you to curve your problems and solve them analytically.


  1. Python Coding

The main element to become a data scientist is to know the basics of Python Coding. This is the most common coding language and typically needed in the role of a data scientist. It is a great programming language which are required for 40 percent of the time during the time of selection.


  1. Hadoop Platform

This is not a requirement but if you have a knowledge in this field then it will help you to shape your career as a data scientist. Having experience with Hive or Pig will help you to earn a portion and have an upper hand in the selling point. 49% of the data scientists who have been subjected to Hadoop platform have performed well for their organisation.


  1. SQL Database

It is one of the most common requirement you need to become a data scientist. To become a candidate, you have to write and solve problems which are based in the forms of SQL. It is programming language that can help you learn operations like add or delete and even extract your data from the database given.


  1. Apache Spark

It is becoming one of the most popular form of big data technology and management of all time. Just like the Hadoop implementation, the Apache Spark helps you to frame your data in a much faster and easier way.


Will it be a good option for your career?

Being a data scientist will open a lot of options for you. Working for leading companies is a dream which you want to fulfil and this field will help you to reach that. And if you are becoming a data scientists then these listed skill sets will help you to get through and have an amazing scope of your choice.