Careers After Graduation In Political Science

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Careers After Graduation In Political Science

Political Science is a field of social science that deals with the study of governance and laws. As a part of social science it extensively concerns with social theories and norms through a political perspective, theories, activities and behaviour.

Studying political science as a subject includes thorough understanding in public policies, national policies, economics, international relations, sociology, history, law etc.

If you are someone who is captivated by current events and is interested to know about the various underlying ways of power, authority, rules, constitution and laws. Political science is the field for you. This field offers jobs in both private and public sectors.

Following are some career option in the field of Political Science:

Law as a career options has advanced in recent years with more and more people opting for it as job option its area of work has widened. Lawyers are not only restricted in court rooms but are required in corporate sectors, media and many other private and public sectors.

Graduates are now required to qualify the bar exam before joining the court of law.


Teaching is one of the most respectable profession. Hardworking and dedicated teachers are always needed who have immense subject knowledge and are ready to impart their knowledge to the students. Teachers are required in every field of studies to guide and mentor their students in the particular subjects.



Political science also offers careers in mass media one such career is Political journalism. Political journalism provides news to people related to national, social and civil matters with will affect them. Mainly to keep the public updated with all the political matters and current affairs.

The main aspects of the job is to cover several political events like elections; conduct interviews, attend press conferences and make reports.

There are also different mediums of political journalism example print, television, radio programmes, online broadcasting etc.



The duty of the civil servants id to maintain law and order in the country on behalf of the government. For the smooth running of the administrative system in the interest of the citizens. They are recruited by both the centre and the state.

To be a civil servant one must pass the civil service exam (CSE) and the technical; for recruitment in various administrative services like IAS. IPS, IFS etc. Equivalent exam (ESE) Engineering Services examination, This exams offers and concerns with selection of various officers for engineering services conducted by government of India. It is one of the toughest exams due to the limited number of posts. 

Both conducted by UPSC.

ALL INDIA SERVICES: They are recruited by central government but serve under both state and centre. (IAS) Indian Administrative Services, (IPS) Indian Police Services and (IFoS) Indian Forest Services.


CENTRAL CIVIL SERVICES:  Are directly concerned with administration and bureaucracy. Divided into two groups A and B, Group A; is appointed by president of India and Group B employees are made by general or special order by President.





IAS is the administrative department of ALL INDIA SERVICES. It is the chief civil service in India. An IAS officer is endowed with the responsibilities of various public endeavours.

The duties of an IAS officer are :

To collect revenue and function as court officials in matters of revenue and crime; maintain law and order, implement policies, to handle daily proceedings and administration of the government etc.



Political advisors deal with the planning and running of party campaigns, publicise candidates and the causes they are standing for. Planning, coordinating, arranging and advising the campaign on various platforms of media. They basically plan a party campaign promoting the cause of the parties and influencing targeted public at the time of elections.



Lobbyist is a person who is endowed with the job of attempting to influence or persuade actions, politicies or decisions of a legislator. Lobbying is not done by and indivisual it can consist of an organised group, fellow legislators, corporations, advocacy groups etc.



As the name suggest is a person who analyses the government [policies. Not only analyse the existing policies but lay the groundwork for the new policies as well by reviewing data, carrying out research creating reports for the research and their findings and examining the success rate for new legislative plans.

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