How to Make a Career as a Game Designer?

Meghashree Das
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5/6/2019 4:26:34 PM


How to Make a Career as a Game Designer?

What is the work of a game designer?

Video games are ruling the market and having a prospective career as a game designer will give you an immense scope to make a great living for you and your family. If you want to work as a game designer then you have to work with a team of members who will develop the videos, make the animations, build the character designs and etc. the work of a game designer is not really easy and he/she has to manage the whole team to make sure that the game comes up rather good and interesting during the time of testing. Since the video games industry is about 30 billion of market share in the US, being a game designer is really an amazing career path.


What are the courses you have to take to have this career?

Here are the list of courses you have to take to become a game designer.


  • Graphics and Animation

This is the main course which you have to undertake to have a suitable career as a game designer. This refers to the animation and the graphics that will go into the game. The motion and the VFX are all included in this list.


  • Game Design

This is the basic course to take up as a game designer. This is the phase where the entire design of the game shall be taught to the students and how it is made from the scratch. This includes a lot of hard work and a secluded mind-set to do better. This also includes the character study and the game development as well.


  • Filmmaking

This is the motion picture planning that a student has to learn before making a game. When you are playing a game, the characters move and talk in front of you. if it is a role playing game or a third person game then you will see the other characters making a story. This is done with the use of filmmaking and motion picture planning.


What are the colleges offering these courses?

Here are the list of colleges which are offering these courses.


This college provides an extensive course into the field of game development and graphics control. Located in Indore, this college have managed to stay at the top.


Located in Bhopal, this college has BTech and other course management which can help you to build your career as a game designer.


  • Design Media and Edutainment

Located in Pune, this is more like a camp. You have to take an extensive course which can range between 3 to 5 months, depending on your requirements.


Known for a lot of other courses, this college helps you to take your career a kick start with the help of offering B.E in graphics and gaming engineering.


Is this a good path for you?

Being a game designer is one of the coolest job you will ever get. Do you know why? Well, the video games you used to play when you were kid is not a distant dream now. You can actually work with the developers and the multimedia companies to make sure that you produce awesome and mind blowing games which are absolutely worth everyone’s time. Being a game designer requires a lot of skills and options and these colleges will help you to do so.