Difference between Merchant Navy and Navy

Meghashree Das
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5/6/2019 11:11:30 AM


Difference between Merchant Navy and Navy

A lot of people have asked this question that what the difference between merchant navy and navy is. Both are a different concept and they have a stark contrast between the same. Well, the answer to this question is really easy and to cover in details, it will be stated below. This is a really big topic and each and every sphere is covered in details so that you can understand what both the concept means.


The Navy

These are the two different branches of the same field. When it comes to the navy, they have a vivid job. This means that they are there to serve and protest the interest of the country. They are out here to serve the nation and protect the country from all the eminent and foreign threats that might come from the waters. They are always under the supervision of the government and they are controlled by them all the time. Their main purpose is to make sure that everyone is safe and they are there to guard the water fronts of the boundaries of your nation.


The Merchant Navy

On the other hand, if you think about merchant navy, the thing and the whole concept is quite different. It is more like a commercial set up. They are here to transport all the goods from once to another and their main objective is to take care of the transportation and the trading which happens on to the water front. The merchant navies make sure that every front have their own form of trade. This is the main reason why the merchant word is used in this one. This means that they are taking care of the trades of this nation. 


Man Power and Joining

For joining them, they should have different paths. The training differs between countries to countries and it solely depends on what you are joining for. When you are first training, they are done for the cadets and this means that they will ask your first that which front you want to join in. and there is a huge difference with the man power as well. The standard size of a merchant vessel is at max with 25 people working along with all the officers at the same time. On the navy side, there can be around 500 people working at the same time. This means that they works on the same ship. This is because when you are dealing on the front of the ship, you need a lot of man power.


The pay

When you are joining for the merchant navy then you are in for the bigger treat because you will be paid more than the navy people. There salaries are compared and this can be attributed to the fact that they have a national job and they are meant for the commercial purpose. Navy people on the other hand can get a lot of benefits from the government. If you are doing commercial work then the private will pay you but if you are working for the government then there perks are in.


Which one should you join?

Making sure that which one you will join is really difficult to choose. Well the choice is fairly simple. If you want to serve the nation then you have to join the navy. You can live in pride and serve on the defense front. And if you want to visit the world, travel a lot and earn a lot too then merchant navy is the choice for you.