Fashion Choreography As A Career Choice

Shiza Sana
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5/14/2019 3:01:34 PM


Fashion Choreography As A Career Choice

What is Fashion Choreography?

A fashion show is a way to showcase a designer’s work on the ramp. The models presenting the outfits needs to be guided as to how they should walk, carry the outfit, what should be the correct body posture, the order in which they should walk and who should follow the other person. It is an important task which is carried out by the Fashion Choreographers.

 They teach models to walk properly with music by maintaining a proper expression, stance and keeping up with the aesthetic of the show. Their job is to help make the show successful.

Fashion choreographers give shape to a designer’s and stylist’s vision. They all work as a team on various elements of the show such as, music, background, theme for the show, lighting, makeup, hairstyles etc.

Fashion choreographers are required for commercial as well as professional fashion shows, product launches, ramp shows.


 What are the skills required?

Someone who wants to choose fashion choreography as the career should stay updated with the latest fashion and trends in clothing, makeup and personal styles.

Creativity goes a long way, be creative with what you want to present on the ramp, explore new ideas.

Good communication skills is a must have, to give instructions and to get your vision fulfilled you should be able to convey your ideas clearly.

One should be aware about the body image and how it can be used to reflect someone’s personality and gauge audience’s interest.

Apart from all these aspects there are other common aspects which help everyone in every field of work; the person should be calm, confident should have a problem solving attitude and must be flexible with the work hours.


What is the Eligibility criteria to pursue this career?

  • 10+2 in any stream of subjects, is the basic requirement for the career.
  • There is no specific course for fashion choreography but a bachelor’s/ master’s degree in fashion will be really helpful, to give you an edge to start your career.
  • Many a times Models after their modelling tenure opt for a Fashion choreography as a career as they are aware of the techniques and experience in this field.