Merchant navy vs marine engineering

Meghashree Das
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5/6/2019 2:23:04 PM


Merchant navy vs marine engineering

Merchant navy and marine engineering are two forms of different things which are complete opposites of each other. Merchant navy is the name of the field and marine engineering is the unit which takes care of the engineering and the technical part. Considering a career option into these fields, you can only opt out for one and make sure that you excel in your domain. But a lot of times people just confuses the over the fact which is better for them, the navy or the marines? Understanding the core difference between the two concepts will help you take the right decision. Although marines are really reputed and is considered to be one of the most elite force of fighting, the Navy helps you to get through far more rigorous form of training and practices than whatever is demanded over the marines.


Merchant navy consists of the commercial aspect that builds up the whole nation and it is a part of the transportation industry which deals with the carrying of different luggage’s and then taking care of them. Marine engineering deals with the topic of understanding the technical aspects of the navy seals. It is a subset and it is basically a degree which you can cover. The concept is however the same but navy is much better than getting a future aspect in navy.


In the marines, the basic training consists of 13 weeks or so. But in the field of navy or merchant navy, the training is of more and far better. Marine engineering is an engineering stream which is all about the shipping industry and the trading or management in technical aspects. The merchant navy on the other hand has multiple departments and marine engineering forms one of them.


It is one of the subset of the whole subject of merchant navy. Merchant navy is one of the most completely commercial field and it becomes or manages with the international trades and the basics or the main functions of the platform. Merchant navy is a really broad term than what you see for the marine engineering. To become or score a spot in the navy, you have to undertake the subject of marine engineering and ace your scores there. Only then you will be accepted onto this post.


Either way if you choose the right subject for yourself, you will be in your domain. Make sure that you understand the concept of the two prospects and then take your decision with a calm mind. If you choose to go for the marines then you have to be in a good shape because you are required to have a strong physique to take a load. For navy, the rigorous training will get you. The navy provides you a greater form of opportunity. Sailors learn to trade and carry out their objectives in both sphere so the concept of them being the same is likewise.