How to career in merchant navy?

Meghashree Das
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5/8/2019 12:46:28 PM


How to career in merchant navy?

The job of a merchant navy is really simple. A merchant navy officer takes care of all the UKs commercial shipping industry that helps with the containerships, cruise ships and the high tech ferries as well. They makes sure to handle all the navigation and the communications, crew and the cargo of the overall running of the ship. They also look after the passengers on the ship to make sure that they are doing perfectly fine and all of them have boarded the ship or not by checking off their names from the list. As a deck office, they have to take care of the whole crew along with the passengers.


What are the career options in the field of merchant navy?

Here are the list of opportunities and career scopes you can make as a merchant navy.

  • Cargo officer- they makes sure that the deck or the cargo container of the ships are loaded properly or not.


  • Deck officer- they takes care of the whole crew of the ship and makes sure that every people are safe and feeling hostile as well as comfortable.


What are the graduation courses needed for this subject?

Here are the list of courses you have to take up to make your career in this field.

These list of courses are present after you have passed your board exams for your 12th standard.

  • Pre sea Training

This makes sure that you don’t have sea sickness and can stay there for a long period of time. In this course you will get a proper training oft eh maintenance and the engine as well as the management of the deck. For taking this course, you have to score an aggregate of about 40% in the subjects of Mathematics and Science to make sure that you are eligible.


  • Deck Cadet

The deck cadet training helps you to get a diploma in the field of Nautical Science. This course is really compulsory and you have to score a minimum percentage of fifty marks in your English result card.


  • STCW Course

This is basically a safety course which you have to undertake to become a merchant navy. These consists all the basic and the safety training you need to understand your job description.


Different colleges offering this course

Here are the list of colleges offering the course of merchant navy.


  • Marine Engineering and Research institute

This is one of the most reputed institute located in Kolkata which will help you to build your career as a merchant navy.


Located in Vizaag, this university gives you the best of staffs who can make your career in this field and ensure you do it rightly.


The second one is located in Chennai. The expense of learning the merchant navy subject over here is really low so you have an upper hand.


Is it a beneficial choice for you?

To become a merchant navy is a very healthy and sorted option. Earning your living by becoming a merchant navy will help you to get more and this job also have their perks and benefits. This job might not be glamorous but people are really intrigued to have a choice and shot over here.