Career Options after Studying Humanities

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3/9/2019 2:52:54 PM


Career Options after Studying Humanities

Humanities, as the name suggests, is related to humans, the people. The study of human relations. Our relationship with our society, culture, religion, history, languages, arts, politics, philosophy, psychology, music etc. It offers a wide range of subjects namely, English, History, Hindi, Geography, Arts, Sociology, Political science, Sociology, Philosophy, Arts etc.

The course offers various subjects to study, as a combination (B.A .Programme) or as a particular subject (Bachelor of Arts) degrees. You can further explore your area of interest by doing Masters in that course/subject and afterward going in the research field by enrolling in M.Phil./Ph.D. programme.

With the growth and advancement in the field of learning, people are now open to break from the traditional or safe careers and choose new and different career paths, which are built only in recent times and are now being travelled often.

Careers after Humanities

Career is based on qualification, knowledge, and skill. The long term goal maybe monetary but the road to achieve the goal is based on interest. The career options after studying humanities are as diverse as the subject itself. The job prospects cover various areas like education, hospitality, writing, journalism, public relations and many more. You get an ample amount of options to pick a job of your liking and turning into a career.

Here is a list of different fields in humanities and the type of jobs they offer: 

  • Artists: Painter, Sculpture, Graffiti, Photography etc.
  • Air Hostess/ Flight Attendant
  • Civil services: IAS, IPS, IFS etc.

          Qualifications10+2, Bachelor in Arts Degree, UPSC entrance test

             CRITERIA- Limited Attempts; General Category- 7 Attempts up to 32 Years of age.

             SC/ST- No Limit of Attempts, up to 37 years of age

             OBC’s- 9 attempts Up to 35 years of age Differently abled- 9

             Attempts for General and OBC category; Unlimited Attempts for SC/ST category.

  • Counsellor: Career counselor, Family Counsellor, Psychiatrist, Marriage counselor etc.
  • Designing: Interior designer, fashion designer, graphic designer etc.
  • Editor: Development editor, Substantial editor, Copywriter etc.

           Qualifications10+2, B.A. in Journalism, Communication, English etc.

  • Hospitality: event manager/organiser, chef, hotel manager, concierge etc.

           Qualifications- 10+2, Diploma or certificate course (6 months),

            Bachelor’s degree from any  IHM across India (3 Year duration). Through Entrance test. 

  • Human resource specialist
  • Librarian

          Qualifications- 10+2, Graduation, certificate course, Master’s degree

             Diploma (DLISC & DLIB)

             Bachelor’s in Library and Information science (BLISC & BLIB)

             Master’s (MLISC & MLIB) Eligibility BLISC or BLIB

             M.Phil. ( MLISC & MLIB) Eligibility MLISC or MLIB

             Ph.D. Eligibility MLISC


              *  Aligarh Muslim University

              *  Allahabad University

              *  Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra

              *  Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

              *  Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi

              *  Jiwaji University, Gwalior

              *   University of Delhi, etc.

  • Linguistics: language teacher, translator, interpreter, speech-language pathologist, forensic linguistic etc.
  • Mass communication: Advertising, Media, Journalism, photography, Public relations, Journalism, news reporter, foreign correspondent, video production, print media etc.
  • Journalism: 

           Qualification- 10+2, B.A., Diploma, Post –Graduation 


               *  Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore;

               *  Symbiosis Institute of media and communication, Pune;

               *  Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi

               *  Christ College, Bangalore;

               *  Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, New Delhi;

               *  Kamla Nehru College, New Delhi;

               *  Indraprastha College for Women, New Delhi;

               *  School of Communication, Manipal;

  • Museum curator

           Qualifications- 10+2, Bachelor’s and Master’s

             B.A. in Archaeology and Museology ( Eligibility- based on marks)
             M.A. in Museology (Eligibility- Graduation in any stream)
             Post-Graduation/ Diploma in museology/ History of Indian Arts ( Eligibility- Graduation)
             Advanced Diploma in Archaeology and Museology
             M.Sc in Museology ( Eligibility- Graduation)


                 * Dept. of Museology; Calcutta University, M.A., M.Sc, Ph.d.

                 * Banaras Hindu University, M.A., Ph.D.

                 * Jiwaji University, Gwalior; M.A., Registration Centre for Heritage and Culture.

                 * M.S University Baroda, M.A

                 * Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, B.A. in Archaeology and Museology etc.

  • NGO’s
  • Performing arts: theatres, arts, dance
  • Politics and Law: Lawyer

          Qualifications- Bachelor’s degree, Law school admission test, J.D degree, Pass Bar exam

  • Public relations
  • Real estate
  • Travel agent/Tour operator

          Qualifications- 10+2, Degree and Diploma

             (Tourism and Hotel Management)

             Certificate in Travel

             Knowledge about Marketing, Modern Language Training and IT

  • Teaching: school teacher, lecturer, coaching etc.

          Qualifications- 10+2, B.Ed, M.Ed, NPTT, NTT

  • Writing: content writer, blogger, Social media manager, copywriter, proof-reader etc.