How to make a career in horticulture?

Meghashree Das
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5/8/2019 12:55:46 PM


How to make a career in horticulture?

What is a work of a horticulturist?

Being a horticulturist is a career which you will find rather interesting to take as an option. A horticulturist is someone who uses the scientific knowledge to cultivate all the propagation of plants and then uses them to provide technical information to the growing of vegetables, fruits and flowers to the farmers. They will conduct all the research on the pest and diseases to investigate with the source of plant used and the benefits that can be gathered from there. They will sometimes work in the field of landscaping design to create basic recreational ideas and parks with the goal of reaching and preserving the natural life form on earth.


What are the career options as a horticulturist?

Here are the list of career options in the field of horticulture.

  • Production and sales- operating all the sales and production of a business and managing the vegetable firm, greenhouse and flower or plant shop for better scopes and processing firms.


  • Public gardens which are used to maintaining the landscapes and the plant collections to make sure that the public gardens are reserved and conserved at the same time.


  • Marketing- this involves the marketing of the firms and their production so that the farmers can reach maximum profit. Being in the wholesale business, the retail sale have to be processed fruits and vegetables so that people can understand this form of business better and engage as well.


Which graduation courses are needed to get a career in this field?

Here are the list of graduation courses that can help people to take horticulture.

  • Agriculture- this is the basic form of course which is needed to learn horticulture. This helps the people to learn the first chapters of the subject.


  • Soil and crop management- this includes the fundamentals and statistics of using different soil and the elements of application of certain crops and their uses.


  • Forestry- this is needed to make sure that the environmental sciences are correlated to the study of horticulture.


Different colleges offering this course

Here are the top list of colleges offering horticulture.


This provides better scope and higher studies for people who wants to take the course of horticulture. It falls on one out of 10 and has amazing staffs to make sure that you have your course planned and learn the basics independently.


Number one college for horticulture located in Punjab, this one has all the elements which can help you to build your career in this prospective field. If you want to study somewhere you will get proper guidance then this university will help you to do so.


Following the list of number three, University of Calcutta presents MSC and other forms of degrees for people who wants to take the course of horticulture.


Located in Amritsar, this institute provides the undergraduate course in the subject of horticulture. Placements are placed in the highest of organisations if you take your part into this college.


Is it a good career choice for you?

There are a lot of benefits of becoming a horticulturist. First thing, you don’t have to wait for the opportunities because there will be plenty of it. And the next best thing to become a horticulturist is to get to work with your hands often in the outdoor. So don’t delay your chances and take up this course right now.