Study MBBS Abroad

Chaynika Tewari
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5/8/2019 2:07:38 PM


Study MBBS Abroad

 Every year, thousands of Indian Medical students face the prime concern of getting admission in a good medical institution for higher studies. Few students manage to clear the entrance tests for government universities while others keep looking for options in private universities. Most of the students cannot afford the high donation the private universities ask for. In such circumstances come the foreign medical universities to the salvage of Indian medical students. Many universities in different countries are offering MBBS and other medical programs at an affordable price which is certainly not the case in Indian universities.


Now-a- days, many countries offer high quality medical education at very affordable prices. The students from various countries including India, China, Nepal and Bangladesh etc are willing to study MBBS in foreign countries. Amongst the top picks, come the countries like Russia, Ukraine, Germany and many such countries. The medical universities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and many other countries follow the international curriculum. The universities in these countries are approved by the major organizations like WHO, UNESCO and MCI.


Now-a- days, students not only look for affordable medical education but also the quality of education provided in the medical colleges in abroad. The process of admission in MBBS in the medical universities abroad is very simple and hassle free. In such destinations, there is no need to clear any entrance examination like TOEFL and IELTS.


The major questions students have in their mind is that after completing MBBS what other steps will follow. After completion of the MBBS course, the students need to complete 3 more steps.

  1. To clear MCI Screening Test / FMGE Exam.
  2. Complete 1 year of internship in India.
  3. To register with MCI as a medical practitioner.

After completing the above process, the medical students can appear for NEET for PG (Entrance test for PG leading to MD / MS). The completion of above steps after completion of MBBS abroad, entitles a student to appear for the PG program in India.


Why to Study Medicine Abroad

Acquiring an MBBS degree from top medical colleges in abroad provides many benefits to the students for a bright professional career.

  1. The students are not required to clear any entrance exam for getting admission in MBBS abroad. The admission is done on the basis of the marks obtained in 12th standard.
  2. Most of the medical universities in abroad are recognized by MCI. Indian students who complete their MBBS in abroad can easily come back and work in India.
  3. Many universities provide scholarship programs for students.
  4. The cost of MBBS in abroad is affordable.
  5. The living standard is good with very affordable costs.


Admission Process for MBBS abroad

The process of admission in medical colleges in abroad is very simple. The student needs to submit the documents to us and we initiate the process of admission immediately. The admission letter is issued on submission of the following documents:

  1. 12th Level results with eligibility matching as per the university.
  2. Copy of the passport.

After submitting the documents, the student gets an invitation from the Ministry of Education from the respective country. After this, the consultant applies for the visa for the student. The students are provided with pre-departure training. A representative is available at the airport to see of the students and one representative is available at the destination airport to receive the students. The students are provided with accommodation of the University.


Cost of MBBS Abroad

The cost of MBBS in many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, China, Bangladesh, Guyana etc is very low. Also the cost of living in these countries is very affordable for international students. Some students with high grades also get scholarships from these universities.


Best Universities for MBBS Abroad

Some of the top medical universities in abroad are listed below:

  1. Tver State Medical University
  2. Orenburg State Medical University
  3. Siberian State Medical University
  4. Perm State Medical University
  5. Mari State University
  6. Osh State University
  7. Jalalabad State University
  8. International School of Medicine
  9. Kyiv National Medical University
  10. Kyiv International Medical University