Alternative career options after class 12th with science stream

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Alternative career options after class 12th with science stream

In school we get to choose a stream of studies which will lead us to a career in near future. Here for e.g. we chose Science as a stream with Physics, maths and chemistry as main subjects. If we follow a linear equation this group of studies will lead us to a career in engineering. Which is one of the most chosen field of studies and one of traditional ones too.

But many a times after completing school a student might not want to pursue engineering as a career. So what are the other career options for someone who studied physics, chemistry and maths in class 12th? Don’t worry there are many alternative career choices for you if you want to divert from the traditional path and explore new avenues emerging from this field.

Here is a list of some alternative career options apart from engineering:


Teaching is one of the most respectable proffesions. We always need hard working and dedicated teachers who have immense knowledge of their subject and are willing to share it with their students selflessly. Teachers/ professors are needed in every field and every course as guide and mentors.

So if you have the zeal to impart knowledge to the coming generation you can choose this as a career option.

Teaching provides various degrees such as-

B.El.Ed- Bachelor in elementary education is a 4 year programme. The course is planned to Impart Knowledge of child development, cognition learning, school planning and management, pedagogy of environmental studies, language acquisition etc.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2; A B.El.Ed graduate can pursue a higher degree like M.El.Ed.



With the growth and development in digital sector when everything is done online even the businesses, companies however big or small need a website an online portal to make their business reach out to more people. A web developer is a programmer who engages in development of Web applications.

Although there are no formal educational programmes foe web development but what one really needs to have is advanced knowledge of-

  • HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and jquery
  • Server/Client side architecture
  • Programming/coding/scripting in one of man server side languages e.g. Perl, Python, Java, ASP, Node.js etc.
  • Ability to utilize a database
  • Creating single-page application with use of front-end tools such as EmberJS, reactJS, or angular JS.



If you have the passion for creativity and imagination you can opt for Architecture as a field of career. It deals with planning, utility and construction of structures.

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) is a 5 year graduation programme. The course focuses on the learning of; construction of commercial buildings, civil constructions, malls, highways etc. With the use of students analytical techniques and innovative ideas.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2 with 50% marks


With the increasing competition and growth in academic exams students look for reliable sources and materials to study from. You can write a book or articles related to different topics from your field. If you pursue to be a blogger you can write regular articles on latest developments in the field of subject. But to write such articles you need to do a good amount of research and in depth study of the subject.



Students after class 12th can also apply for Law as a career option. The course offers various degrees such as; B.Sc+LLB, B.Com+LLB, BBA+LLB etc.

CA (Chartered Accountant)

A Charted accountant works in field of business and finance and deals with auditing, taxation and general management of finances. In India Charted Accountants courses are regulated by Institute of Charted Accountant of India (ICAI). You can venture into this field by applying for CA Foundation course after class 12th.



Hotel management is field of wide range of opportunities. Integrated with the tourism industry they provide various career options like chef, concierge, manager, tour guide, tour planner, cabin crew etc.


  • 10+2
  • Admission through Entrance test.
  • ACTIVITY COORDINATOR- Plans different leisure activities
  • CHEF
  • FOOD &BEVERAGE MANAGER- manages food and beverage supplies
  • FRONT OFFICE ;CONCEIRGE- helps guest with anything and everything
  • HOUSEKEEPING- related to cleaning and maintaining a hotel room
  • P.R. MANAGER- plan, develop and implement strategies to build the brand
  • SOMMELIER- wine expert



  • TOUR GUIDES- takes tourist to various locations, have knowledge of various places
  • TOUR OPERATORS- create holiday plans, deals with service providers, transport providers.
  • TOUR AGENTS- research, plan and book trips for tourists


Designing as term is a vast area of opportunities and is inclusive of various fields of work such as;

  • Interior designer- Bachelor of Interior design is a 3 year course. Students learn about various facets of designing beautiful living and working spaces.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2 or equivalents exam with 50% marks in any stream.

Admission is through an entrance test followed by interviews.

  • Fashion designer- bachelor of Fashion design is a 4 year course for the students who are inclined towards fashion and what goes behind in the fashion industry.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2 or 3 year diploma in a specialization from a government recognised university.



In today’s world where social media is not a luxury but necessity media plays an important role in connecting people worldwide. Journalism on the other hand provides a clearer and wider perspective of the news and happenings around the world. This field requires planning, production, content writer, publishing, camera crew, sound crew etc. You can choose the road to your destination.

Bachelors in Mass media and Journalism is a 3 year undergraduate programme to impart skills related to various fields of mass media and journalism.

It teaches about the various softwares, applications, print media, radio, television and other different forms of mass media.

Graduates of B.A journalism and mass media are eligible for news analyst, Video jockey, Journalist, Illustrator, radio jockey, Feature writer, columnist etc.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2. Admission to this course is through an entrance test.



Some students have inclination towards business management and marketing even after studying science in class 12th. This inclination can be fed by various management courses such as-

B.BA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and BMS (Bachelors of Management studies) are 3 year undergraduate courses with minimum eligibility of 50% in class 12th. The course offers students with knowledge about various concepts, theories and practical knowledge about different aspects of the business management like accounting, marketing, finance, operations. The students also get practical work exposure during the training process.

MBA (Masters of Business Administration) covers many different areas related to business management such as Business communication, business law, business ethics, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing and operations.



Students after class 12th can apply for commercial pilot training after passing pilot aptitude test and clearing medical exams to be considered fit for the course.


Students after class 12th with science as their stream can opt for various degrees such as;

  • Sc in Animation and multimedia is a 3 year undergraduate course.

ELIGIBILITY-  10+2 from a recognised board

  • Sc in Aviation is an Undergraduate Infrastructure management programme. The course deals with design, development, production, operation and use of aircrafts. Students learn about airport planning, passenger forecasting, fire safety etc. apart from learning about the Aviation background and its various fields.


  • Sc in Electronics and communication is a 3 year undergraduate programme. The course includes design and analysis of electronics, computers systems, different communication methods, control systems, navigation aids etc.

Admission to B.Sc in electronics and Communication programme is through an entrance test; some colleges even conduct and interview after the test.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2 with physics, chemistry, maths or an equivalent exam with 70% from a recognised board.

  • Sc in Chemistry is a 2 year course which deals with the science of matter and the changes it undergoes; its composition, behaviour, structure and changes it undergoes under chemical reactions. It is a physical science course which studies many topics like atoms, molecules, crystals and other groups of matter.

ELIGIBILITY- 10+2 with 50% marks in science stream.

  • Sc in Nautical science is a course related to maritime. The course contains both theoretical and practical sessions. The programme aims at training students to become Deck Officers and impart knowledge about nautical technology and its applications.

ELIGIBILITY - 10+2 with 50% marks in science stream.

  • Sc in Mathematics is an undergraduate programme for students who complete a programme in mathematics and related disciplines.

ELIGIBILITY - 10+2 from recognised board.



There are numerous diploma courses for students to take up after class 12th:

  • Diploma in Print media and Journalism- A 2 year course with based on admission through an entrance test.

Eligibility- 10+2 in class 12th with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate with science subjects.

  • Diploma in Event Management- It is also a 1 year course candidates with 50 5 marks in class 12th can apply foe the course.
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance- It is a 1 year full time course after class 12th.
  • Diploma in Education in technology
  • Diploma in Fashion designing- It is a 1 year Diploma course. Entry in the course is through an Entrance exam and round of counselling after that.

With diploma in fashion designing a student can find employment as brand managers, product developers, costume designers, fashion journalists, Retail designers, fashion coordinators etc.

Eligibility- 10+2 from any recognised school.

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