Career in Veterinary Science

Meghashree Das
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4/4/2019 2:38:47 PM


Career in Veterinary Science

What is veterinary science?

Much like people, the animals get sick too and this is why the study of veterinary science have come into practice. This field involves the scope of studying the animal habits like their health routine and how to solve their issues related to their health. A veterinarian is a doctor who works with different animal’s example pet animals, farm animals and etc. depends on their field of interest. And there are different fields which are associated with specific animals and you can specialise in that. There are some niche subjects and management which are studied in this course. Once you understand all the same, almost most of the subjects are covered.

What are the career scopes over here?

After studying the course of veterinary science, you will have the following career options.

  • Veterinarian

The main work or career lead which you can follow after taking veterinary science is the course and subject option of a veterinarian. The works of a veterinarian are the following like examining different animals and diagnosing their health. They have treat and dress their wounds and perform surgery on different animals.


Courses you have to take:

  • Laboratory and Diagnostics
  • veterinary science Masters and PhD
  • Research and Development
  • Life Sciences
  • Biological Management


  • Animal and Genetics

If you are taking the course of veterinary science then you can always take the option of being an animal genetic developer. In this field you have to understand the breeding of different animals and their breeding management. The work of a genetic doctor is to understand the crossover breeding and in-bound breeding, etc.


Courses you have to take:

  • Master Degree in veterinary science
  • Animal and Life Science
  • Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine


  • Animal Production and Management

This study involves the product and management of different animals. You are allowed to breed them, understand their reproduction process and etc.


Courses you have to take:

  • Same as given above.


  • Health and Hygiene

Veterinary science and the management of health and hygiene means that you have to look out for the health and specifics of different animals. This also involves looking after all the animals and taking intense care of them. Most of the work involves working along and travelling from places to places.


Courses you have to take:

Why go for a career in veterinary science?

There are a lot of reasons and ways through which you can major in veterinary science.

Some of them are given below.

  • The on job training starts right then

The best thing about choosing veterinary science as your career option is that, you can get your on job training. This means that when you graduate from your university, you will be hired somewhere and then you can have an apprenticeship program which will make you understand how to handle different problems related to animals.


  • You can run high for your passion

This is a good line and if you really like animals, then this will definitely work for you. All you have to do is mix with them and spend most of your time with them. Plus if you really want to score much bigger in life, you can run much higher than the usual.

All these options are enough for you to apply your career in the field of veterinary science.