What are the Options Available for +2 Arts Students?

Meghashree Das
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5/6/2019 12:27:56 PM


What are the Options Available for +2 Arts Students?

Explaining the subject of arts

Arts helps you to drive to a million of creative focusses in the right feed. This means that by taking the course and subject of arts, you will know how to widen your future by choosing respective fields which are associated with creativity and management. It helps you to learn and thrive forward so that you can have a formalistic successful growth.


What are the options available for art students?

Here are the top 12 career options you can have after taking your subject course in arts.


This is one of the most popular course and career option which you can undertake after having your field in the subject of arts. For this course, you have to take the subjects of English Literature, Humanities and Political Science. It deals with the complete study of political science as in the pavement which helps you to learn the structure of the whole worldly politics.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Performing or Visual Arts

If you want to have a career scope in the visual arts then this stream will get you going. Here you can act and form a creative streak from the Arts background. Through this course study, you can become a well known director or a producer. There are different specialisation of this course like drawing and painting through which you can hold your pieces up at the museum.


If you want to have a career growth in the field of design, then this is the one. Design means that you can go with fashion designing and host your own shows. This line is creative and amazing at the same time.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Animation

If you like the cartoons and other animated shows which appears on your TV then you might like this field. Through this field of study, you can animate your creation like video game characters, TV show characters and even make your option at the movies and score big.


  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Travel

This course is the best one for the arts students. If you are looking for a career in hospitality and management then this is the one for you. This will give you a scope in the field of travel and tourism. To be eligible for this course, you have to pass from a reputed board and have equivalent marks which can get you an opportunity.


This three year course will help you to get better communicative skills and writing skills as well. If you want to pursue the course of journalism and mass media then this course will help you to be in the advertising industry. You can produce live news and be at the studio front and have a good earning pay.



This bachelor and course of business administration will help you to understand the integrated course of management and law studies. The qualifying criteria for this course is to have minimum of 50% marks in your boards so that you can have a scope at this field.