Top Private medical colleges in India

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Top Private medical colleges in India

Why go to a medical college?

Medical field of studies and profession is very rewarding not in monetary terms but in terms of satisfaction it provides will give back to the society. A medical school is good for you because it will shape your career and make you highly competitive as well. The national acceptance rate is around 50% so getting into one institution is a matter of prestige and the result of hard work.  But if you get into a good school then you will work towards earning great experience. Many colleges conduct entrance exam for the  admissions in the Medical course. So the students who are willing to dedicate their time and are thriving for experience can make it to a Private medical college.

 Private medical schools will give you some research and in depth study of the whole scenario. They ensure students of inclusive and detailed knowledge of the discipline.  Private medical schools have the best of study plan and structure for their students.  It is no surprise that the fees of a private medical institute is more than compared to other medical institutions. Thus,they focus on the growth of each student on an individual level.

After completing your MBBS and CRRI you can go ahead and opt for MS or Masters Degree. It will also help you to excel in a major of your choice.  The teachers and faculty members will help you choose a major and guide you through it.. It is like a working family. The right medical college will give you experience and prepare you for the excellent future.

Top private medical colleges in India

This list shows the top private medical schools located in India. Here, have a look.

Situated in Vellore, this tops the list. This is mainly because the staff and the facilities are amazing and you will completely have to nail your grades to get here. It has an autonomous body and accepts coeducation. The campus is huge and you will love this place once you get into it.

Intake Exam: NEET UG and PG


Physicians are caring and you will shape your career once you get into this institute. Designed for all-rounder, this college really stands up to its name. Students have demo sessions and live interactions with the best to comprise more.

Intake Exam: NEET UG and PG


Coming third into the list, this college has a high reputation for being the best one from the lot. Situated in Bangalore, it has placements for people who are eager to get a degree in this respective medic field.

Intake Exam: NEET UG and PG


Chennai has the best medical colleges you can ever find and this one really lives up to the mark. As the name suggests, this is also a research institute which has national and international students from all over. To get into this institute, you have to get good grades and then get the choice of your course through the selection.

Intake Exam: NEET UG


This is one is good too and if you are planning to get onto it, have a good result and then off you go. The faculty and the staffs are really good when it comes to teaching with collected processes and steps.

Intake Exam: NEET UG and PG


A good investment from your side, this college cum research centre cum hospital can teach you the basics of the subjects that you are undertaking. The staffs are really good and the classes which are held inside these college will make a gem out of you. All you need is a good NEET score.

Intake Exam: NEET UG and PG


Located at the heart of Mumbai city, you might have heard about this college for a very long time now. You can clear a lot of courses in this university under the supervision of the best. It is one of the top rated and reputed universities to enrol your name in.

Intake Exam: PG and UG, NEET MDS, AIPGMET Exam.


A good university to enrol your name in this college have a lot of potential for their students. You can kick start your career with the use of the faculty and management present.

Intake Exam: NEET UG


It is a private university where you can manage to get the best degree out of your course selection. A Co-Education system, this has over 600+ faculty and staff who can help with your studies.

Intake Exam: NEET UG and PG.

All these private medical colleges in India are really up to their mark.