How to make a career in Statistics?

Meghashree Das
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4/8/2019 5:23:41 PM


How to make a career in Statistics?

What are all the subjects necessary to make a career option in statistics?

The subjects which you learn in school are important for you to land a career in the field of statistics. Statistics is an important chapter and it can shape you well if you undertake it. The reason why most of the students go for this line is that it is simple and once you get to know the courses, it will be manageable for you. And the next thing about the line of Statistics is that they are extremely uncommon and unique. This means that if you are having a career option here, you might open yourself to a gateway of opportunities. There are the things you need to learn at school for having a career option here.

  • Commerce(Not necessary but comes along)
  • Economics(Absolutely necessary)
  • Mathematics(Necessary)


How your graduation courses are important for making a career here?

To make a career option in Statistics, here are the graduation courses you need to learn.

  • Statically Methods and functions.
  • Program Analysis.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Statistics.
  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics.
  • Master in Arts of Statistics.
  • Master of Science in Statistics.


What are the colleges offering these courses?

The basic eligibility varies for different courses that you choose. For example if you are applying at a university which has a cut off percentage of 80, this might indicate that you have to give your 100% over there. The basic criteria to have these courses is to undertake the subject of Statistics and Mathematics at 10th and 12th grade.

Here are the list of college’s which offers this course to their students.

Located in Mumbai, Kolkata and other places, this is a good field to undertake your career as a Statistician.


  • Jain University

Holds the largest reputation for being an all rounder university campus, this can be a good choice to learn Statistics.


The same as the previous one, located in Bangalore, this university have high demands if you want to enrol your name.


If you haven’t heard about it, well it is located in Pune and have the best staffs teaching Statistics to their students.


Top companies to hire such candidates

And here are the list of the top companies to hire the best of Statisticians.

This tech firm have their branches all over the world and have the leading requirement for people with the knowledge of Statistics.


  • Target

This place is the leading retailer in the US market and hiring Statistics on a daily basis.


If you want to have a good lead and high paying salary, then Oracle will do the work for you for your career in Statistics.


  • Microsoft

Another tech firm to hire Statisticians. This may be leading the number.


Post graduation options you might have in this field

There are a lot of post graduation options in the field of Statistics.

  • Data Scientist

The work of a data scientist is to extract the information of a company and to work towards it. It is fun and engaging at the same time.


  • Analyst

After taking a course in Statistics, you can become an analyst. This means that you will be able to depict and analyse the shortcomings and incomings of any business.


  • MNC Specialist

You can join any MNC and start working for them. It will be a huge opportunity from your side.


How to know is it a good choice for you or not?

A career option in Statistics is always a good choice. Statistics is a different subject and this means that you will be playing with numbers. There are no boring theories that you have to read every night and day. The books are short and filled with practical problems. So if you are thinking to have a good career course in the field of Statistics, go on then.