Why Psychometric Test?

Students prepare through day and night to get into premier institutes. In a country like India, the choice of a course or a career path of a student is significantly influenced by family and friends. In most cases it is observed that the students end up taking courses on the suggestion/advice from others which they are not interested in and later on find difficult to cope up with.

Choosing a course/career path by understanding one’s personality, interest and passion is more meaningful and enriching and allows the individual to enjoy the chosen career path. Careerkarts aims at helping these young people to understand their strengths and choose a career path that matches their personality.

Psychometric Test is a Self Assessment Tool, which helps Students/Youngsters understand their personality better to make an informed career choice. It is well-suited for the High School, Higher Secondary, College Students and Young Working Professionals seeking a change in their career. Psychometric Test analyses strength, passion and interest of the students and thus minimizes their stress in studying and working.

Psychometric test assess an individual on 12 personality traits.

Basic Personality Traits:

  • Reliability/Responsibility
  • Determination/Focus
  • Independence
  • Discipline
Career Oriented Personality Traits:

  • Adaptability/Versatility
  • Adventurous/Risk Taking
  • Analytical
  • Communicative/Expressive
  • Compassion/Generosity
  • Creativity/Imaginative
  • Hands-On
  • Extrovert

The Participants’ response to these 72 questions will enable them to gain insights about their personality. This Test will help them to use these insights to identify their strengths and areas that they should work to improve. This report gives candidates personalized information about their personality and accordingly selects suitable career clusters for them.